Friday, August 7, 2009


~ We recently had revival at our church, with Bro Lynn Martin preaching. I beleive we really had a revival break out in the Hearts of our people! We saw God save People who we have been praying for. After 6 Years of being on the mission feild God is Working in the Cold, Stony hearts of people! One man inparticular, was saved and his mother-n-law had been praying for him. He was Very broken hearted. Please Continue to Pray for Him.

The Lord also Did something in my heart. I have FULLY surrendered to do his will for my Life. I have always wanted to go to cosmetology school and had a Strong desire to do so. I really Dont have that desire any more.
Thats not to say that I wont ever go. But if its not HIS will. Then I wont Go. I am So glad I surrenederd. I just wish I would have sooner.

I am Soooooo glad we serve a WONDERFUL God!! he is So Good to Us and I Do not derserve one bit of it!

I am just so glad i am saved! I Want to live the rest of my life living for him! That is the HIGHEST calling....