Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hey! I know I hav'nt wrote in a while...i hav'nt forgotten about this blog...lol
I Wanted to write a few things....
I recently Heard a message on Friendship.
Alot of us needed to hear it, I Myself needed it even tho i consider myself very outgoing and deffinatly not Un~friendly!
Here is the Points.

~ 5 points on what a friend ought to be ~

2. Be a FAITHFUL friend. Love at all times.
3. A friend WILL tell us the truth.
4. A Friend will bring us Joy.
5. A Friend will Sharpen our countenance.

~ Here is something i wanna do....
This is For Brittney Pennington....
I want to Thank Her for always being my friend...you have stuck with me through thick n thin.
I Love the fact that u have been a true friend and that u are true to friendship. Thanks for telling me whats wrong with me and for loving and for always caring! :) I can truly Thank God FOR YOU!!!! I Love you sooo much Bea!!!!

And thankyou again! :) <3