Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Life!

Hey All,
Just thought I'd give a quick shout-out to all my Blogging friends!
I have been extremely busy trying to master my life, as I sit here...i realize something of great importance..I Am not the Master of my Life...God is! :) I am So glad too...because without him..I am Truly nothing!
I am getting ready for my big move...I leave October 30th.
I am nervous but excited...but scared at the same time. I know that God will be in control, but this is very new to me!!
I cant help but realize how small and lifeless we would be without the almighty God! Its truly amazing how he works everything to be for his Glory!

so...the other day we got our first snow. A little early but non-the less...we got it...It only lasted for a couple hours and that sent everybody into a frenzy trying to get ready for winter...we are getting our 'cords' of wood, and getting the yard picked up before the snow buries everything for 9 months!
I think that the snow is over-rated! lol!!!

I will go for now, but will be back soon!!

More of my life in its busy state to come! :)
Always and Forever!


  1. so excited 4 u!!!!! keep on writing!! Love reading your posts!!!!
    Love ya!

  2. Have a safe move and we'll await your return to blog land.=0

  3. aww..thanks girls! I will try to keep you all posted! does anyone know how to blog from ur phone?!!

  4. ha ha Hannah . . . I dont even know where my phone is! ROFL!!! =) Love ya! =)