Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just a lil update....

Hey to my blogger friends!
I wana just post a few things and give a lil is good. Stressful at times...Ha! Ha!
This morning I was at church and heard a powerful message! Bro Lynn did a tremendous job!
I enjoy listening to him preach and learning all about Gods will and his wonderful plan he has for me....The Message was based on Job. How he had trials and troubles and how the wicked blamed God fot things that were going on in there life. In Trials we need to RUN TO GOD IN PRAISE...NOT BLAME HIM FOR THE TRIALS IN OUR LIFE!!!
But we tend to blame him, Its our nature and our flesh to do that! But next time when were going through something and we are about to blame God for putting that on us, we need to step back and think...Maybe God has a plan for us, Why is he doing that to us? Although it may be hard and it will be...God will give you strength!

I have been going through some stuff right now and I would just appreciate your prayers and your thoughts on all this!

Love to you all!! :)

Love Hannah <3

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